Kiddie Tax Rules and Planning Strategies

At one time, long, long ago, a common tax strategy was to shift investment income from a parent to their child (children) to take advantage of the child's (children) lower tax bracket / rate. This planning strategy was eliminated with the introduction of the kiddie tax. Like every other stopgap measure, CPAs and tax attorneys, […]

Top Five Reasons You Need to Call a Workers’ Comp Lawyer

When an employee is injured on the job, workers’ compensation insurance is supposed to provide medical benefits and wage replacement. But times have changed. According to new data, a growing number of initial insurance claims are now denied. One of the reasons this is happening is that states have slashed benefits in recent years, making […]

What Questions Will a Loss Adjuster Ask Me?

A Loss Adjuster is appointed by an insurance company to manage and investigate claims. Insurer’s will use them for a variety of reasons such as when the claim is of a large value, complex or suspicions of fraud or simply because they do not have the internal resources to deal with the claim at that […]

The Top 15 Ways to Save Money on Critical Illness Insurance

While life insurance pays your beneficiaries a sum of money if you pass away, critical illness insurance pays out when you are diagnosed with one of the major illnesses named in the policy. Death is not a requirement for the benefit to be paid, which is why it is called a “living benefit.” Some critical […]

College Savings: 529 Plan Versus Life Insurance

There are two types of 529 Plans, Prepaid Tuition Plans and 529 Savings Plans. Prepaid Tuition Plans lock in the future cost of tuition in today’s dollars. Because the cost of tuition is increasing faster than the rate of inflation, the rate of return on these plans is generally greater than that of guaranteed instruments […]

3 Sad Truths of Why Minorities Struggle Financially – Reversing the Trend

When I finally had my first full-time job at 17 years old, I surprised why I later found myself a few years later in my early twenties, broke and struggling to make ends meet. After all, making more money while getting promoted up the "food chain" would solve my problems right? Why did I shortly […]

Health Insurance Over 50 And Under 65

If you are between the ages of 50 and 65 and you are going to be looking for health insurance or are looking for health insurance you need some help. This is a tough age (of course what age is not starting with the terrible twos) because you are at a prime age to start […]

Public Insurance Adjusters Are Not Your Enemy

1. After a disaster, insureds have hundreds or even thousands of questions and worries. In a large-scale disaster, many of your local customers will be coming to YOU for answers. You may find yourself answering the phone every few minutes to address more questions and to resolve their fears. As an agent you will find […]

Life Insurance Policies Explained

Six Basic Kinds of Life Insurance Regardless of how fancy the policy title or sales presentation might appear, all life insurance policies contain benefits derived from one or more of the three basic kinds shown below. Some policies due combine more than one kind of life insurance and can be confusing. Term Life Insurance Endowment […]

Employer-Based Group Insurance Or Your Own Individual Policy – Which is Better?

Have you ever thought about what might happen if you suffered a serious illness or injury, couldn’t return to work and as a result, lost your job along with your employer-sponsored health insurance? This is what happens to millions of Americans every year and the financial consequences are devastating. Up to ONE MILLION mostly middle […]