Who Needs Leads?

MORTGAGE PROTECTION APPOINTMENTSHow much more money could you make if you didn’t have to Prospect?What if you could get preset appointments with homeowners that want to find out how their home could be paid off if they should die or be diagnosed with heart attack, stroke, or cancer? When you mention Texas Insurance Training Academy, […]

A Guide to Help You Prepare Better for CFP Examination

The Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation is now considered as a symbol of excellence and competence by financial professionals and firm across the globe. Many new investors and individuals have now understood the need of such professionals who have been conferred this certification. The CFP course curriculum is regarded as highly comprehensive and the certification, […]

The Need for California Insurance Continuing Education Requirements

The insurance and financial industries are very regulated industries. The professionals working in these industries are dealing with people’s money and assets on a day to day basis. Insurance agents play a large part of this industry. Agents have many rules and regulations they must abide by when selling policies to their clients. Their clients […]

Pass the Series 7

How to pass the Series 7 exam? A question we get very often as trainers and study material developers. The Series 7 is not an easy exam but it is very pass-able if you use the right material and use correct study techniques. A huge key to passing the series 7 is working with enough […]

How to Become a Property/Casualty Insurance Agent

Once you have decided that a career as a professional Property/Casualty Insurance Agent is what you would like to pursue, just how do you go about accomplishing that? The following steps are required: • Obtain a Property/ Casualty agent/Broker license. Insurance is state regulated so you will need to get your license from the state […]

Insurance Adjuster License – Finding Certification Courses

Getting an insurance adjuster license online is much easier and convenient rather than taking it through traditional classroom courses. Most states will allow you to learn everything online, simply because it’s all about regulations and laws surrounding the adjuster career. The training will prepare you for your chosen career where you will evaluate the facts […]

Becoming a Licensed Insurance Adjuster

This is a professional who studies their client’s damaged property to write up reports, make estimates, and analyze information. Some of the duties of an insurance adjuster can include: • Deciding if their client’s polices cover the damages they are filing a claim for • Evaluating property damage • Talking to the police and witnesses […]